Eva Miranda


Full Professor in Geometry and Topology at UPC,  member at BGSMath, honorary Doctor Vinculado at CSIC-ICMAT

and chercheur affilié at Observatoire de Paris-PSL Research University

ICREA Academia Professor










The picture below is taken at Alain Chenciner's office at Observatoire de Paris during my stay there as Chaire d'Excellence de la FSMP last winter on a sunny day

Laboratory of Geometry and Dynamical Systems

Departament de Matemàtiques
EPSEB, Edifici P 
 (2nd and 3rd floors)                             
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Avinguda del Doctor Maraňon 44-50
08028, Barcelona, SPAIN
email: eva.miranda<at>upc.edu

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My conference schedule for 2019

January 23-24, Trobada GEOMVAP a Cardona.

January 30-31 speaker at Geometry and Topology retreat in Málaga.

February 4-8, plenary speaker at Congreso Bienal RSME-Santander.

April 8-12, speaker at Symplectic Dynamics at Lorenz Center, Leiden.

May 7-11 speaker, FDIS 2019 in Shanghai

July, 15-19 speaker at workshop on Quantization in Cologne.

My conference schedule for 2018

Jan-Feb 2018- Chaire d'Excellence of the FMPS at CEREMADE, Observatoire de Paris and IMJ.

March, Speaker at IbortFest

April 8-13- Speaker at the Workshop  "Geometric aspects of momentum maps and integrability" at the CSF Ascona/Switzerland

April 15-20-Workshop 18w5182, Workshop on Geometric Quantization, BIRS, Canada

April 21-22-Speaker at the Special Session Facets of Symplectic Geometry and Topology at the AMS meeting in Boston

July- Poisson 2018 at the Fields institute in Toronto.

August 16-17, Speaker at Connections for Women: Hamiltonian Systems, from topology to applications through analysis, MSRI.

10--14 September 2018, Speaker at the Indam Workshop Poisson Geometry and Higher Structures, in Rome.

October 8-12, CIRM, International Workshop on Geometric Quantization and Applications .

        October 19-20, Plenary speaker at XV Encuentro de Topología.

October 29- December 1, Research member at MSRI for the research program Hamiltonian Systems from topology to applications through analysis.

My conference schedule for 2017

January 18-19, Visiting Montpellier and talk at Séminaire Topologies on the 19.

January 20, Thesis defense of Yasmine Fittouhi in Poitiers.

February 2-5, Geometric Dynamical Days in Bochum

April 16-21, BIRS Workshop 17w5023 Geometric Structures on Lie Groupoids

June 12-16, Plenary speaker at "Women in Geometry and Topology", ETHZ Zurich

June 17-22, Speaker at joint RSME-SMM meeting.

June 26 June 26- June 30,  JISD 2017.   

July  3-7 FDIS2017, CRM Barcelona (more information to come)

August 21-25- Plenary speaker at the PADGE 2017 conference, Leuven, Belgium

September 2017-February 2018, Chaire d'Excellence of the Fondation des Sciences Mathématiques de Paris at CEREMADE (Paris-Dauphine), Observatoire de Paris and IMJ (P6-P7).

September 6-8 Speaker at Workshop on Symplectic Foliations

September 25-27 Speaker at Jounées ASD Classical Integrable Systems and Perturbations

October 5-7 Speaker at Journées de Dynamique, P6/P7 Paris

My conference schedule for 2016

June 13-17 Speaker at Symplectic Techniques in Hamiltonian Dynamics, ICMAT-Madrid.

June- Speaker at Integrable Systems, Ascona.

August 17-19- Speaker at the Workshop on Celestial Mechanics and Symplectic Geometry.

September- Speaker at XXV International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics http://www.icmat.es/congresos/2016/XXVIFWGP/index.php

September  15-16- Speaker at the General Mathematical Seminar at Luxembourg University and Ph.D. thesis of Castejón and Leytem.

September 23-25- Speaker at CSASC http://csasc2016.espais.iec.cat/

September 28-29- Visit at Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu.

November 14-20- Visiting  Jussieu and Orsay and b-talks at Séminaire de Géométrie Hamiltonienne at P6 , at the Séminaire de Géométrie Topologie et Dynamique and at the Symplectic and Contact Topology Seminar Nantes-Orsay.

December 1-7- Visiting Victor Guillemin and Jonathan Weitsman at MIT. Talk at the Geometry seminar on the 5.

December 14-16- Visiting Andreas Knauf in Erlangen and talk at AG Mathematische Physik Seminar on the 15.

Have you seen me before? It could be in one of these places....see my complete schedule since 2007.

 "J'arrive où je suis étranger
Un jour tu passes la frontière
D'où viens-tu mais où vas-tu donc
Demain qu'importe et qu'importe hier"

Louis Aragon

excerpt from "J'arrive où je suis étranger" by Louis Aragon

updated December 2018

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