Students and Postdocs

    Ph.D students supervision:

Current Ph.D. students:

  • Roisin Braddell (Msc Padova-Bordeaux) has started her thesis on "New geometrical and dynamical techniques for problems in Celestial Mechanics" in 2017 under my co-supervision with Amadeu Delshams. She is contracted with my ICREA research project. 

  • Joaquim Brugués has started his PhD in March 2019 with an FI-AGAUR grant on " On Floer Homology of Poisson manifolds". We plan to cosupervise the thesis with Sonja Hohloch in Antwerp.

  • Robert Cardona (Msc UPC)  has started his PhD in August 2018 with a BGSMath-FPI grant. The title of his thesis is  "Singularities, integrable systems and foliations in Symplectic and Poisson Geometry".

  • Anastasia Matveeva (Msc Higher School of Economics, Moscow and Univ. Angers) has started her PhD thesis under my supervision in September 2018 with a La Caixa-BGSMath grant under the INPHINIT program. The title of her thesis is: "Poisson structures on moduli spaces and group actions".

  • Cédric Oms (Msc. Université Libre de Bruxelles),  has started his Ph.D. on "Global Hamiltonian Dynamics of singular symplectic manifolds" under my supervision in September 2016. Our project "GLADYSS"  is financed by the Luxembourg National Research Fund under the AFR scheme.

  • Arnau Planas (Msc. UPC),  Ph.D on Symmetries and singularities of Poisson manifold has started his thesis in 2015-2016 under my supervision.

Former Ph.D. students:

  • Anna Kiesenhofer (Msc. Univ. Cambridge)  defended her thesis on Integrable systems on b-Poisson structures  on December 21, 2016 (Excellent Cum Laude) under an FI-AGAUR grant from Generalitat and a UPC grant.  She currently holds a postdoctoral position at EPFL in Lausanne in the group of PDE's.

  • Romero Solha (Msc. Minas Gerais) on Geometric Quantization of Integrable systems with singularities, Ph.D thesis defended on October 21, 2013 (Excellent Cum Laude). Currently postdoc at Pontificia Universidade de Rio de Janeiro (PUC).

Former Master students and other Ph.D advising work:

  • Joaquim Brugués on Morse and Floer Homology.

  • Robert Cardona on Integrable Systems on Folded Symplectic manifolds.

  • Master Thesis supervision: Arnau Planas, Symplectic surfaces with singularities, 2014-2015, Matrícula d'Honor 10/10.

  • Untergraduate Thesis supervision: Robert Cardona on Symplectic Toric manifolds, Delzant theorem and applications (cosupervised with Cédric Oms) defended in July 2017 (Excellent).

  • Undergraduate Thesis supervision: Alexander Thiele, Transversality, old and new, 2014 (co-supervised with Marc Chaperon at Univ de Paris 7) (Excellent 10/10)

  • Ph. D tutorials of Iman Alamiddine (Université de Toulouse) in 2009 on singularities of Gelfand-Ceitlin systems.

    Postdoc supervision:

Member of the following Ph.D. juries:

  1. Rodrigo Schaefer (UPC), July 2018.

  2. Lorenzo Guglielmi (SISSA, Trieste), April 2018 (referee).

  3. Roy Wang (University of Utrecht), September 2017 (referee and member).

  4. Damien Bouloc (Université de Toulouse), June 2017 (member and referee).

  5. Álvaro del Pino (ICMAT-UAM), June 2017 (member).

  6. Yasmine Fittouhi (Université de Poitiers), Janvier 2017 (member and referee).

  7. Jiang Kai (Université de Paris VII Denis Diderot), Septembre 2016 (member and referee).

  8. Alain Leytem (Université de Luxembourg), September 2016.

  9. Héctor Castejón (Université de Luxemburg), September 2016.

  10. Andratx Bellmunt (Universitat de Barcelona), Desembre 2015.

  11. Boris Osorno (Universiteit Utrecht), October 2015 (referee)

  12. Ionut Marcut (Universiteit Utrecht), February 2013.

  13. Isabel Berna, (UPC) February 2012.

  14. Chiara Esposito (Copenhagen), January 2012 (member and referee)

  15. Ainhoa Aparicio (Limoges), December 2010 (member and referee)

  16. Ana Rita Pires (MIT), April 2010

  17. Iman Alamiddine (Toulouse), July 2009

Some master juries at UPC (I lost track..):

  1. Arnau Planas (2015)

  2. Guillem Blanco (2015)

  3. Xavi Rivas (2015)

  4. Hector Castejón (2012)

  5. Pedro Daniel Prieto (2010)

Proposta de treballs de Final de Grau: Consulteu la INTRANET

Temes proposats (consulteu l'intranet per nous projectes).

  1. Els grups de Lie i les seves accions

  2. Del teorema del punt fix de Lefschetz al teorema de Poincaré-Hopf

  3. Formes diferencials i foliacions de codimensió 1

  4. Les equacions de Hamilton, els grups de Lie i la geometria simplèctica.

  5. Transversality, old and new (defensat)

  6.  El teorema d'Arnold-Liouville i els sistemes integrables (defensat).

  7. Nou projecte: Teoria de Morse.

  8. Nou projecte: Projecte Hévea: Construint tors plans a R^3.

  9. Nou projecte: Projecte Hévea: Contruint esferes reduïdes

Proposta de treballs de Final de Màster: Consulteu la INTRANET

Temes proposats (check intranet for new projects):

Symplectic surfaces with singularities defensat

Nou projecte:  Integrable Systems on singular symplectic manifolds (look at the pdf with presentation at INTRANET)

New project: Morse theory and Floer Homology.

Nou!: Presentació de projectes pel curs 2015-2016 (mireu la intranet)