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On October 16th 2017 a Spanish judge sent to prison (before trial) two political activists who were working for the independence of Catalunya. On November 2nd, the same judge sent to prison (before trial) eight members of the Catalan government who had been democratically elected by the citizens of Catalunya. The same judge is also ordering the arrest of the remaining members of the government, who are now in exile in Brussels. On November 9th, another judge sent to prison the President of the Catalan Parliament, Ms. Carme Forcadell. She was set free the day after, not before paying a 150,000 € bail.

In response to these attacks, I have decided to disable this website until all the political prisoners and the members of the Catalan government are released from Spanish prison without charges.

If you wish to access the content of the website, please send me an email (it is joan.carles.lario at upc dot edu) and I will provide you with instructions on how to proceed. Meanwhile, you may consider appropriate to make your political leaders aware of what is happening in 2017's Europe.