Workshop on curves of low genus

Barcelona, 13-15 July 2017

Facultat de Matemàtiques i Estadística

Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya


Subject: The topics will cover various aspects of the arithmetic and geometry of curves of low genus and their moduli spaces.



J.-C. Lario (

J. Guàrdia (

C. Ritzenthaler (


Registration: If you’re willing to attend and/or give a talk, please tell us before the end of 2016.


Speakers who have already indicated their intention of participating include:


E. Badr

F. Bars

M. Caselli

J. Cremona

F. Cléry

C. Faber

S. Ionica

N. Kaplan

P. Kılıçer

D. Kohel

R. Lercier

E. Lorenzo

C. Maistret

R. Salvati Manni

J. Sijsling

M. Streng

A. Sutherland

A. Rio

A. Somoza

P. Stevenhagen

N. Bruin



Note that the unusual dates for the workshop are due to the organization of the number theory and algebraic geometry session of FoCM in Barcelona from 10-12 of July:


We encourage you to join us for the full week if possible.