Reading Seminar

Topics in combinatorics and computer science




This activity is sponsored by ERC-2014- CoG AUTAR (grant agreement ERC-2014-CoG 648276 AUTAR)

Spring 2018

If it is not stated the opposite, we will meet at meet at the seminar room at C3. We will run it on Wednesdays at 12:00, when there is no collision with the regular LIMDA seminar

What we have seen so far...

When/ Where



14/02/2018, C3 at 12:15

Quasi-random Cayley graphs


28/02/2018, C3 at 12:15

Deterministic search for CNF satisfying assignments in almost polynomial time


18/04/2018 C3 at 12:15

Roth type theorems in finite groups


02/05/2018 C3 at 12:!5

Counting countours on trees


To be determined

Boltzmann samplers (2 sessions)


To be determined

Random Matrices: Law of Iterated Logarithm


Reading seminar Winter 2017

When/ Where



17/10/17, C3, 13:00 (*)

Asymptotic Erdos-Szekeres: Zuk's proof

Juanjo Rué

24/10/17, C3, 13:00 (*)

Algebraic Methods in Discrete Analogs of the Kakeya Problem

Simeon Ball

31/10/17, C3, 13:00 (*)

The cap set problem

Christoph Spiegel

07/11/17: No session!

14/11/17, C3, 13:00 (*)

A tight bound for Green’s arithmetic triangle removal lemma in vector spaces

Maximilian Wötzel

21/11/17, C3, 13:00 (*)

Protected nodes and fringe subtrees in some random trees

Vasiliki Velona

28/11/17, C3, 13:00 (*)

On sets with small sumset in the circle

Pablo Candela

04-05 December: two sessions of the differential Equation Method by Gonzalo Fiz

Session 1: Monday 4 from 11:15 to 13:00 (*)

Session 2: Tuesday 5 from 14:00 to 16:00

19/12/17, C3, 13:00 (*)

Hypergraph expanders from Cayley graphs

Oriol Serra

(*) Food and soft drinks were sponsored by the ERC-2014 - CoG AUTAR (grant agreement ERC-2014-CoG 648276 AUTAR)

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