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if you go to and download the pd-extended version, the pd osc package is already include. on windows, there is a .reg file in the pd folder which you would have to execute once and then (re)start pd. on osx this is done automatically. then you should be set and ready to communicate between processing and pd.

first you need to open pd without double-clicking the oscPDtest.pd file, but the actual pd application. after pd has loaded properly, open (either menu or by doubleclicking) the oscPDtest.pd file and click the connect button in the patch - in the output window it should say connected to port the issue with the i can be fixed by changing the i in the pack and unpack object to f . but it will also work if you keep the i.

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Fòrum de Processing

- Processing and Pure Data.
- Sending an OSC signal to pd.
- OscP5 & Pd.
- PD+oscP5+Processing.
- OSC Key Mapping.

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Exemples d'Andreas Schlegel

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- WORKSHOP INTERACTION --- Processing.Pure Data.Arduino Introduction Workshops (MUA)
- Programming Electronic Music in Pd, by Johannes Kreidler

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Protocol OSC

Arduino i Pure Data

Arduino : Arduino Pure Data
LAC . Taller de Invierno - Manuales Arduino y Pure Data