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Department of Mathematics -- Departament de Matemàtiques
Technical University of Catalonia -- Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Postal address: Departament de Matemàtiques, UPC // Campus Nord, edifici C3 // C. Jordi Girona, 1 // 08034 Barcelona // Catalonia, Spain
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phone: (+34) 93 401 6007

Welcome to my home page!


My research interests are differential geometry and its applications to mathematical physics, mechanics and control theory.  

Here there is a list of my research publications.
You can also look for me here (Mathematical Reviews) or here (Zentralblatt MATH) or here ( or here (ORCID).

I am with the research group on Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems, and Applications.   We collaborate with other groups, in particular with those in the Geometry, Mechanics and Control Network.

My PhD thesis advisor was Prof. Josep M. Pons. I have been the advisor of a PhD thesis, as well as of several master theses and degree theses.

I am also interested in the relationship between mathematics and music, and I have done some research in this field.


I teach in Here you can find more details about my teaching activities (thesis advisorship, teaching materials, teaching assignments ...)

També podeu anar directament a les meves pàgines de les assignatures: Assignatures antigues: Titulacions actuals [present degrees]:   GM=Grau de Matemàtiques (2009)   GT=Grau en Enginyeria de Tecnologies i Serveis de Telecomunicació (2015)   MAMME=Master in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (2010).
Titulacions antigues [former degrees]:   ET-1992=Enginyeria de Telecomunicació (1992)   GT-2009=Graus de Telecomunicació (2009)   LM-1992=Llicenciatura de Matemàtiques (1992)   MMA-2006=Màster de Matemàtica Aplicada (2006)   DMA=Programa de doctorat de Matemàtica Aplicada.

Other activities in the University

I am a member of the Orquestra de la UPC since its foundation.  I played the flute (2000-2010) and since 2010, the bassoon.  We collaborate with the Coral Arquitectura in a regular basis.

Computers and information

As many other people, I am involved in several ways with computers, computation and information.   You can find some links here.


No patiu! No us explicaré els meus hobbies... Tanmateix, entre ells hi ha la ludolingüística, o, dit més vulgarment, els jocs de paraules, tant resolent-ne com proposant-ne. Des del 2013 publico la secció de Matemots a l'SCM/Notícies amb jocs de paraules de contingut matemàtic: febrer 2013, juliol 2013, gener 2014, juliol 2014, desembre 2015, juliol 2016, desembre 2016, juliol 2017, desembre 2017.

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